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About the project

  • Purpose:
  • Represent the IP accounting information from cisco router in human-readable form; collect it in to the HTML reports on daily or monthly basis.

  • Implementation:

    The project consists of two scripts: and

    This script fetches the accounting info from the router and collects it into the text files

    This script translates data saved by the into human-readable form (HTML)

  • Requirements:
    • Perl 5.6

      I'd agree to use any other, maybe older version of perl, but Net::SNMP 4.0 wants perl 5.6 or higher

    • Net::SNMP 4.0+

      A nice well-supported module providing the object-oriented interface for SNMP

    • Net::IP 1.0+

      A module for manipulating IPv4/IPv6 addresses

    • A cisco router

      I'd suggest that it has:

      1. configured SNMP r/w community
      2. configured IP accounting

    • Some scheduler

      I'd suggest cron for unix, and I don't have any suggestions for windows. I don't like windows. Though cipaf should run on windows anyway :)

  • Authors:
  • Anatoly Ivanov

    the author of the HTML generating code, Net::SNMP compartibility, and current maintainer of the project.

    Tobias Geiger

    the author of the idea and the first versions of cipaf.

By Anatoly Ivanov, © 2001-2002