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Latest news:

  • Tue May 14 02:10:41 PDT 2002

    Sad news. The company I am working for is in closing state.
    I will try to find a job so I would have an access to the Internet and to some Cisco router to support the CIPAF, but I cannot promise this for sure.
    The latest version of the software is in CVS, there are two applied patches: one from Karel Zajicek (DNS "permanent" caching), another from Simon McCartney (index file generation).
    The last one uses unix find utility and generates not very good index, and it has to be transferred to smth. else (I know what I am going to do with that, but as for now I have no neither time nor ability for that).
    Sorry everybody, "I'll be back" (C)

  • Thu Apr 18 01:04:51 PDT 2002
  • New minor release. Welcome get it!

  • Thu Mar 21 07:43:53 PST 2002
  • The new release. I have added the ability of resolving all the IP's, and changed the HTML a little bit. Enjoy :)

  • Thu Mar 14 01:51:29 PST 2002
  • The bugfix release is available for download. The bug was rather small, and I was rather happy with fixing it in CVS some weeks ago and leaving release files as is, but since two people have reported me about that bug - I decided to make a release.

    So, current release is 1.4.1.

  • Thu Feb 7 04:14:10 PST 2002
  • I have eventually managed to integrate Denis Tokarev's patch for summarization by subnet address, removed ignore parameter, added ignore_ip and min_traffic parameters and made a release. Welcome to downloads page for .tgz and .zip files.

  • Fri Jan 18 03:40:44 PST 2002
  • The CIPAF has moved to the SourceForge.NET, and now me (Anatoly Ivanov) is the maintainer of the project.

    By Anatoly Ivanov, © 2001-2002